Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy BufDay..

Today 5/4 is my ex-besfren's bufday.. waah,ex-besfren!
huhuu.. yes my besfren when i was in year 6.
i really2 miss U..
u're my true besfren b4 this..
i still remember U sat beside me in the class..
we were studying together.. eating together,
spent our time together..


achieved succeed together!
my result and U always the same.
but not cheated ok..
i dont know why..
mmg takdir ko dan aku dulu sntiasa bsama ssh sng.
result trial pon sebijik same
sampaila result pekse yg sbenar pon same.
mmg x sngke!
n yg plg2 still terpahat dlm ingatan ni
mse kite same2 jd best student kat skola tu.
u know, i miss all that.


U're far2 away from me..
i know one day kite mst akn berpisah..
coz kite akn bawa haluan msg2 tuk capai kjayaan..
i know that time i x dpt msok asrama like u.
but, at last kite ttp same2 dpt pluang tuk msuk SBP..
thanx GOD!
n lastly i hope we will get the excellent in the future..
n at least get one chance to meet again.
Nway hapy bufday to U!

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