Friday, July 24, 2009

Quite Bored


Hurm, i'm back!.. suda lame x post.. really sorry frenz..
quite bz.I've already finished my premedic
at UPM a few weeks ago.
So sorry becoz I didn't update my blog.

Its quite a long2 tyme rite?
Now, I'm at the hospital.. Not bcoz of the Influenza H1N1 ok.
Hu3.. My sis was hospitalized.

There's an infection in one of her organ.
Pity of her..:(So, I need to stay here n look after her.
Its quite bored,but I tried to cheer up myself..he3.
I did everything so that I'll not feel bored.
And, sometimes..I think it's good for me to stay here,

I can gain knowledge n see how's the life in the hospital,
how the doctorswork and so on.. Am I rite?
bcoz one day I will be here and experience
myself the true life as a doctor in the hospital..

I wish that one day my dreams will come true.
OK, stop here for today..
Nothing much to say, maybe next time when
I return to my home..:)
take care all.. tata.
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